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Fowey Class Embarks on an Unforgettable Journey of Marine Exploration

On Tuesday, 27th June, Fowey Class embarked on an extraordinary adventure at the National Marine Aquarium, where they delved into the mysteries of the underwater world. The day unfolded with an engaging and interactive tour, immersing the students in the captivating wonders of marine life.

Following the awe-inspiring tour, the students eagerly participated in a workshop centred around their role in safeguarding and nurturing marine ecosystems. Through thought-provoking discussions and hands-on activities, they acquired a profound understanding of the crucial significance of preserving and protecting our oceans' delicate balance.

What truly stood out was the remarkable behaviour and representation of our school by the children. With exceptional manners, unwavering attentiveness, and an infectious enthusiasm, they impressed not only the staff at the National Marine Aquarium but also fellow visitors, earning admiration from all.

As we bid farewell to the National Marine Aquarium, we carry with us treasured memories and a renewed commitment to become responsible custodians of our marine environment. 

Together, we are grateful for the National Marine Aquarium's role in providing us with this extraordinary experience, which has ignited a passion for marine conservation within us all.