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Dobwalls Primary receives Eco-Schools Award with Distinction

We are proud to have achieved our Eco-Schools Award with Distinction in September 2022.  At Dobwalls, we are committed to looking after our environment and setting the right example for everyone around us.

Eco-Schools is an environmental education programme run internationally by the Foundation for Environmental Education. Keep Britain Tidy run the programme in England; which has the most Eco-Schools in the world. We are proud to have been named as an Eco-School with Distinction!

The award recognised our impact in three key areas:

  • Litter - reducing the amount in school and our local areas.
  • Healthy Living -encouraging regular exercise/movement/well-being/time in nature.
  • Waste - recycling and re-using, turning off lights and reducing paper use.

The school have an Eco-Committee member in each class who regularly come up with ideas to make a positive difference now for our future. 

The future is Green at Dobwalls!