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Computing skills are relevant throughout our whole lives, which is why it is important to solidify these skills in our children’s long term memories. Repetition of skills and continually raising awareness of e-safety means Dobwalls children are equipped for life in a technological world!

Top Tips:

  • Supervise your child's use
  • Always check what messages they are sending and receiving
  • Limit their use
  • Spend time being online together
  • Make sure that APP's being are used are appropriate to their age

Useful Links for you

Computing was previously ICT in schools. The links below will hopefully provide some guidance and support around the new curriculum, along with websites to support your child with e-safety. 

This guide features what children do online, the threat of online strangers and how to ensure a healthy balance between Internet use, your children’s online privacy, digital security and more on online safety to mention.

Police Campaign to raise the awareness of online exploitation

Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police are working together to raise awareness of the risks to young people online and to encourage them to talk to a trusted adult if they are approached.

The campaign, called “Looks sus? Tell us!”, featured a series of animations. They are also designed to encourage children and young people to be suspicious of, and to report, particular kinds of approaches on social media or via other channels such as online gaming chat.

There is also an animation aimed at parents to encourage them to have those difficult conversations with their children.

For more information, visit: 

Age Restricted APP's

Please remember that APP's have age restrictions as young children are unable to deal with emotions involved with using them.  They have not yet learnt how to deal with comments and what they should and should not be writing.  

Reasons to use Parental Controls

  • Help monitor their devices
  • Allow you to manage what your children find on search engines
  • Can block certain features of games that can be accessed
  • Help establish good cyber safety habits
  • Can set screen time limits
  • Can help to teach cyber etiquette