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Our Music Curriculum Intent:

At Dobwalls Primary School, it is our intent that through our lessons and enrichment opportunities we make music an enjoyable learning experience giving children a firm understanding of what music is through listening, singing, playing, evaluating, analysing and composing. We endeavour to develop a curiosity for the subject as well as a knowledge of different genres of music and an appreciation of the importance of the subject in the wider community. 

Please see our music development plan via the link. 


  • We use Charanga to support our music teaching at Dobwalls.
  • Lessons offer a range of musical genres, with a wealth of opportunities to develop skills in performing, composing, listening and evaluating music.
  • Children are taught to sing and play musically with increasing confidence and control.
  • The musical elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, form, dynamics, tempo and timbre are embedded in classroom activities, ensuring skills are developed and built upon from previous year groups.
  • Regular dedicated singing assemblies
  • Planned enrichment activities across the school 
  • Annual Christmas Performances for all
  • Annual Christmas Carol Service at the Church for all school children
  • Parent linked activities e.g. The Trelawney Shout where Parents and children join together to sing the Cornish Anthem on St Piran's Day
  • Weekly Singing Certificate Awarded in Celebration assembly - chosen by Y6 Singing Super Stars!
  • Songs used across the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Teaching is adapted to meet the needs of children with SEND.  This includes the use of headphones, different sized instruments. 
  • Composer of the month initiative ensures children listen to a wide range of music and learn about musicians. 
  • Musicians and musical genres have been organised so each year group listens to music.  Over their time in Dobwalls, children experience a range of music including traditional music, classical and modern. See overview musicians and music

Year 1 - Year 6 Key Learning 

Progression of skills


Music Knowledge Organisers:

There is one knowledge organiser per year group.  Each year group is expected to revisit and revise the vocabulary from the previous year group to consolidate children's knowledge and understanding. 

Dobwalls Music Knowledge Organisers Y1 - Y6


Over the year, we plan a range of musical enrichment activities. Music is at the very heart of the majority of all school gatherings, performances and celebrations. In addition to our regular singing assemblies we hold special celebrations when the whole school and individual classes perform a variety of musical pieces including Harvest festival, Christmas carols, Easter assemblies and end of year farewells.

Rocksteady Bands children are able to take part in Rocksteady band lessons led by an external music specialist.  These lessons are payable with some places available for pupil premium eligibility in KS2. 

Carnglaze Caverns Spring 2022 and December 2023 We held the most magical concerts in the caverns.  The children sounded absolutely beautiful!  

Christmas Singing Club enjoyed Carol singing around the village of Dobwalls and singing at Liskeard Hospital. 

Songfest: we have also taken part in the annual Songfest Concert organised by the Cornwall Music Hub, alongside other primary schools in Cornwall. These concerts involve some of our children from Key Stage 2 learning 10-15 songs at school which they then perform alongside other schools at Launceston Town Hall and the Plymouth Pavilions. 

First Access Programme: a specialist ukulele teacher has taught our Year 4 children

Arts Council England Project: Year 6 children have undertaken workshops with and performed alongside the Florian Quartet.

Music Workshops: held locally with a range of musicians.  Supported by local engagement work Sally Butlin. 

Specialist Teacher Visits: Year 5 enjoyed a series of four lessons led by Cornwall's specialist music teacher Phil Montgomery-Smith.  The children learnt to compose a piece of music developing a range of music skills and understanding of musical concepts.  This was thoroughly enjoyed by all in Y5. Sally Butlin has worked with children in Year 2, 3, 5 and 6 to deliver musical workshops. 

Music Lessons: children are able to pay and take part in guitar lessons at school.  For further information please ask the office. 

Music Lessons with specialist music teachers


Wonderful music workshop - led by members of The Sixteen!  


By the end of Key Stage 2 children at Dobwalls have an appreciation of different types of music and an understanding of their own personal musical strengths as well as areas they might like to improve upon. Their musical lessons will have enabled the children to develop their own personal skills in terms of self-confidence, interaction with others and self-reflection. They will have an understanding of key musical terminology such as volume, pitch, rhythm and beat and will be able to dissect music, understand its parts and have enjoyed listening, creating and performing pieces.